Volareo Interviews: Musicoin Artist Petra Jordan

  We had the wonderful chance to meet the talented Musicoin artist, Petra Jordan. We’re discussing her musical journey, her struggles and achievements as a musician and what it means to be part of the blockchain world. Visit our website for more info on how we help artists achieve the best careers with our smart speaker here: https://volareo.live Follow our Steemit account for more interviews here: https://steemit.com/@volareo Follow Petra’s Steemit account here: https://steemit.com/@petrajordan Follow Musicoin’s Steemit account here: https://steemit.com/trending/@musicoin   … Read More

What is Volareo? A smart speaker that has a purpose

Independent & Open Volareo is an independent movement to create a Smart Voice speaker and platform that is open and inclusive, for everyone.   Smart voice You can search for songs, you can tell Volareo to play your favourite music and easily tip your favourite musicians. The type of smart voice we envision is focused around “getting things done” rather than having a conversation. More like a “voice butler” than a “voice companion”.   Privacy 1st From day one, the … Read More


$MUSIC can now be used to buy tangible goods. The Volareo Smart speaker will go on preorder for the Musicoin community on Wednesday the 11th. This will be the first time that the Volareo speaker will be available for pre-order and also the first time a physical product can be bought with $MUSIC. This is a major breakthrough for Musicoin and Volareo! Finally, Musicoin users can use their hard-earned virtual coins to buy a physical product. Newsletter subscribers will get … Read More

“I used to joke about Tiesto being a robot” – an interview with Emanate’s artist Dave Winnel

We had the chance to have a chat with one of Emanate’s artists, Dave Winnel. He talks about the future of music, how to make it as a DJ and why he thinks Tiesto is a robot. The question everybody wants an answer for: how’s Armin van Buuren in person? A: He’s tall… very tall. Most Dutch are though. But apart from that, he’s one of the most genuine ‘normal’ dudes in the business. I was always super nervous to … Read More

“I love revenge. I love anything that motivates me to be the best.”: an interview with Goldilox

The new single “touch you where it hurts” is out. Ethereal and beautiful but also twisted and violent. I feel like it says more about you than other songs, am I wrong?   Maybe this one is just a little more to the point. I love revenge. I love anything that motivates me to be the best. I have had some fiery relationships. I don’t let people get me down, I always use it as fuel. Don’t get even, get … Read More

4 Music Startups To Watch in 2018: Tech Open Air edition.

Volareo is back from a great few days at Tech Open Air, Berlin. As with many tech festivals, music startups abounded. Among those present were music industry blockchain startups, composition platforms and live hubs. These are the Music Startups of 2018. Spotify Alternatives The pool of Spotify alternatives is growing. Choon is a music streaming service and digital payments ecosystem swimming within it. Neil Barber, of the company, shared music industry insights. He also went through Choon’s business model and … Read More

An interview with Dj Lethal Skillz: a thought on blockchain music

We had the chance to have a chat with Dj Lethal Skillz on his musical journey, his experience with Musicoin and Steemit and how he thinks blockchain can revolutionise the world. Here are his thoughts: What’s the first album you’ve bought? Michael Jackson, Thriller Album on Cassette How is your music influenced by what you’ve listened and how much can you hear other artists within your tracks? Grew up listening to 80’s Pop,Rock and HipHop, as a Beat Maker and … Read More

Scouting for Girls interview: “I just always believed it would happen. I had no fallback plan.”

We’ve been touching base with the infamous English band Scouting for Girls to learn more about them and understand what lead them to be part of Musicoin. Here’s how it went:   What’s your first recollection of the first track/artist that made you think “Holy shit! Wow!”?   R.E.M. losing my religion. It honestly felt like a religious experience. I discovered my calling.   How hard was is at the beginning? How many times have you heard “stop it with … Read More

The road: a musician shares his struggles

The path to the musician’s mecca can be long, but making connections and building a community can shorten the journey. Following my quite musically mainstream teenage years, I relocated to Paris after high school and began bopping the night away in clubs like Social Club by Grands Boulevards. Within those walls, I discovered Brondinski and French Fries, among others, and my electronic sensibility grew and grew. In my quest to master French slang, rap from MC Solaar did the trick, and … Read More