5 Ways to get rich as a musician today through Blockchain

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Let me start off by saying that blockchain by no means is a get rich quick scheme, not for a musician at least. What it can be though is a long-term value giant. With the current situation of middlemen like Spotify taking massive cuts, it is hard for smaller musicians to make a living off their passion. Blockchain removes the need to have these middlemen and thus allows a garage band size musician to start putting more time into their music. This should be a dream for any inspiring artist.
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How you ask? Well that is still complicated at this point. The world of blockchain music consists of a large number of startups that try to make the world a better place. It is for the artist to decide who to place their bet on. In this post, and in the future, I will lay out a bunch of these platforms. I won’t be discussing royalty collection blockchains but they might be a point of discussion in a later blog.


In this blog I will name them together, as they are all part of the Steemit network, however, they are separate platforms obviously. The interesting thing about these platforms is that the combination of them can be especially strong. Imagine the following, creating the music live on D.live. Uploading a performance of the created music on D.Tube and having a studio copy of the final song on d.Sound. This will allow creators to monetize the entire creative process which is great. However, possibly even more valuable, the Steemit community is thriving and that is taking the D.platforms with it which means AUDIENCE!


Voise is a platform on the rise. It is in infancies but has amazing potential. The usability of the platform is great. It has a functional layout and works seamlessly. The high potential of the platforms makes it a perfect prospect for a musician who has the time to try multiple platforms at one. Putting your eggs into multiple baskets is never a bad idea and it for sure isn’t with the potential of Voise. Also, for the crypto enthusiasts, it is rumoured to be featured on Binance soon.


Another high potential platform is Resonate. Resonate is a platform that tries to compete with Spotify. Its main feature is that it maximises its payout (similar system to Spotify) a lot faster. This means higher payouts. The disadvantage seems to be that the platform doesn’t have a lot of musician support outside of its local community. Unlike many of the other platforms there are no Facebook groups, Reddit pages etc.


Viberate is most well known for its well-roundedness. It offers a place for live music as well as the playing of songs. This makes the coin very well traded which is important for its future value. Viberate is one of the platforms I rate most highly because of its quick progress and alternations. Viberate also has some important partnerships with big names in the industry.


Finally, Musicoin, the coin that got me started on it all. To this day I stil rate the Musicoin platform very highly. It offers playback, uploading and importantly verification of musicians. This means the music isn’t stolen as frequently which keeps scammers and “get rich quick’ers” off the platform.
Another thing I personally like about the platform is the community. There are multiple good communities spread out over facebook, reddit, twitter as well as its own forum. This allows for relatively easy growth for new musicians and through that a good way to gain exposure in general. Although the corresponding coin, $MUSIC, dipped a little over the past weeks it still is definite yes for me. And, of course, Musicoin has added support for Volareo. If you want to keep up with our progress, and be part of the movement, please sign up to our newsletter on our home page!


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