Blockchain benefits music listeners too

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You’ve heard the buzz. As someone who regularly streams music, how does blockchain benefit you though? Why go for one of the Spotify alternatives over Spotify itself or Apple Music? Why reward artists with cryptocurrency over dollars?

Here are some answers.


Rewards all round


The greater the reward for the artist, the more resources at their disposal to create more art and value for you. Blockchain streaming platforms aim to redistribute the slices of the streaming pie. There are Spotify alternatives out there which offer a better deal for musicians. Using platforms like Musicoin, musicians are bringing in greater revenues, in cryptocurrency, more quickly. Decentralisation means that the middleman is cut out. The pool of blockchain musicians is growing. Platforms are attracting signed artists, like Scouting For Girls, who Volareo recently interviewed. Musicians and an increasing number of labels are open to this new technology.


Music you’ll find nowhere else


The blockchain streaming services have a diverse, ever-expanding catalogue. There you’ll find music that isn’t even present on other platforms. Independent artists often suffer from a lack of visibility on the big services. Recently, Drake was on the cover of several Spotify playlists, when his new album came out. Some didn’t even feature his tracks though, leading to refund demands by users. Non-blockchain streaming services tend to favour major artists. Lucrative deals with major labels and distributors are the reason for this.


Streamlined enjoyment


Discover music efficiently

Music is listened to. Voice commands seem appropriate for platforms where it is enjoyed.

Musicoin offers voice control via Volareo. What if you didn’t have to stare at a screen to hear what you want?


Make crypto common

Volareo, for example, puts 500 Musicoins in your wallet on the purchase of the speaker. That way, you can start tipping musicians straight away. This avoids the hassle of searching, buying, exchanging etc. Get some more with a simple voice command.


The tech accompanying such platforms aims to break down barriers to getting involved. The platforms themselves aim to break down the barriers of success for artists. You as a music listener can start to break barriers too. Get on the blockchain today!


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