Volareo & Choon partnership to disrupt the music industry with blockchain based solutions

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Rotterdam based Volareo, the World’s first open source smart speaker is announcing yet another partnership with next generation music streaming platform Choon, based on Ethereum blockchain technology.

Decentralized music infrastructure
Both companies were established by experts from within the music and tech industries: Gareth Emery and Bjorn Niclas, two co-founders of Choon and Nick Yap, founder of Volareo are committed to introducing an important change in the music industry and are welcoming blockchain answers to the likes of Spotify and Apple Music. They seeks to remove the middlemen from the music streaming to give more money and power back to artists. “We believe this partnership will affect the music industry by three fundamental points. Firstly, more money to the artists. One of the biggest problems in the industry is that artists are not getting paid correctly and fairly. One of the reasons why is that there is a lot of intermediates that are built into the music industry that hold the money, such as record labels, publishers or royalty collection societies. Secondly, artists are paid directly and immediately, compared to normal royalty distribution. Thirdly, transparency in all streams and transactions.”, says Niclas.
By giving artists the ability to upload their music and receive royalties based on the number of plays their track receives on Choon, and get their music heard via Volareo, a fairer ecosystem is being created for all user base of listeners.

Benefits of music on the blockchain
Choon as a music streaming service is utilizing blockchain and smart contracts to ensure fairer distribution of streaming revenues to artists and their collaborators. Volareo is facilitating the streaming of music via such platforms and making it easy to use cryptocurrency in the blockchain economy. It is also ensuring that artists take ownership of and gain better insights into their listeners database. “Artists really need that information, but they do not get it via music streaming platforms or record labels. It’s sad, because with this information they can better interact with their fans, for instance plan a concert in the city where most of their listeners live. The fact that emerging artists can come into contact with their followers more quickly, ensures that they can kick start their careers faster. ” Yap comments.
Choon in partnership with Volareo can not only bring additional revenue to established artists but also help independent artists who hardly benefit from current streaming models to receive a more reliable and fair income. “We want to create a system that even if you don’t want to tour, even if you don’t want to ever perform live, you can still make a good living in the music industry”, Emery concludes.

First orders of Volareo speakers can be made via the Indiegogo page here, for a price of $99USD for Early Bird adopters. An early-access link to the order page will be open for one month, from Aug 15th till Sept. 15th. Volareo is set to deliver at the end of Q4 2018.


Volareo is a music streaming smart speaker that makes the benefits of blockchain accessible and cryptocurrency easy to use. Born out of the need for innovation in high quality hardware, Volareo seeks to benefit active music makers and discoverers, looking to use breakthrough technologies in the music industry. See more at: volareo.live.

Choon is a next generation music streaming service and digital payments ecosystem designed to solve the music industry’s most fundamental problems. Launched May 1st, 2018, Choon is the largest and fastest growing music streaming platform on the blockchain with over 10K artists and 20K songs. See more at: choon.co.

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