Branding and Presence on Blockchain for Musicians

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As a musician today, it is important to have a clear branding image. With all the blockchain networks that are up at this point, it is difficult to keep a consistent image. Furthermore, the amount of platforms currently claiming to be the next blockchain revelation is enormous. So which ones do you indulge in?

Generally, it is recommended to be active on as many platforms as possible. The main issue with this is the promotion of your activity on all these platforms. It can take heaps of time to promote yourself on one platform and we all want to keep making music. In our quest to discover our own path to succes for our artists we also ran into this issue.


But first, lets talk about branding. Branding and protecting your brand can be a major hassle. The amount of engagement that an artist of size has to deal with is enormous but how do you figure out where you are being heard. When you are active on 20 platforms it is terribly difficult to monitor all of them. Depending on the size of the artist it can therefor be recommended to hire (virtual) assistants. These (virtual) assistants can be hired for 5$ an hour and up and will help you with just about anything including managing interactions with your fans. Good websites to find VA’s are and Be sure to have a good brief ready on the do’s and don’ts for your brand, the language you use and the feel each message should have. It will require some monitoring the first day but afterwards you are free to focus on what you love doing, making music.


Now that we have cleared that area lets focus on what platforms to start on. As previously mentioned, we would suggest to create an account on every single platform. Not only to support their progress but also to defend your brand on each platform. Making sure you get verified early could prevent your work being stolen and monetised by others on each platform. Having covered this major and perhaps obvious do, it is critical to also discuss the don’t. It is impossible to manage all platforms. We suggest choosing three of your favourite platforms and only being active in promotion on these three. Upload on all platforms but only engage in three at most. This way it doesn’t cost you heaps of time while still putting eggs in (all) baskets.

If you want more information about good platforms in the industry, check out this blog.

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