Streaming: poison for the music industry?

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Wonder what Volareo is? Check this link to know more. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates.   The fat cat streaming services are eating most of the pie and leaving only a thin slice for the artists. We know the story: the all-you-can-stream model appears to please the passive listener. What about the active listener though (those heavily invested in their artists)? Spotify alternatives (like Musicoin) are cropping up thick and fast with a new model. Many of them run on … Read More

“New technologies will help artists get paid better”: interview with DJ Maestro

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You’re a multi-platinum awarded jazz musician with your Blue Note Trip series. How did that come about, and how did your love for jazz start?   “My love for jazz started in my early twenties. It got a boost when I got a job at national jazz radio station Within a couple of days, my internship was transformed into a regular job. With no knowledge of radio at all and just a bit of jazz, I managed to raise … Read More

Major Jazz Radio Jazz De Ville Partners with Volareo & Jazz Contest Announcement

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE JULY 18, 2018 ROTTERDAM Rotterdam-based Volareo, the world’s first blockchain-enabled smart speaker, announced today the second, after Musicoin, partnership with Jazz de Ville, an online jazz radio station, which airs globally from its offices in Rotterdam. Investment in more diverse music Jazz de Ville is a platform for everything that has to do with Jazz. Headed by multi-talented DJ Maestro (Martijn Barkhuis), the infamous Dutch dj, master of the vinyl and producer of the platinum awarded compilation … Read More

“Any new way to buy things with crypto will certainly help”: an honest interview with Grammy nominated musician Pascal Guyon.

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Your career has been incredibly successful – you have multiple grammy nominations on your belt – how did you go from a small city in France to the in-depth music world of Los Angeles?   At a young age, my parents noticed me playing with my small instruments along with the radio. It became serious in my teenage years. I started getting classical as well as jazz piano lessons and being mentored by the best musicians in Europe. I quickly … Read More

Volareo Interviews: Musicoin Artist Petra Jordan

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  We had the wonderful chance to meet the talented Musicoin artist, Petra Jordan. We’re discussing her musical journey, her struggles and achievements as a musician and what it means to be part of the blockchain world. Visit our website for more info on how we help artists achieve the best careers with our smart speaker here: Follow our Steemit account for more interviews here: Follow Petra’s Steemit account here: Follow Musicoin’s Steemit account here:   … Read More

What is Volareo? A smart speaker that has a purpose

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Independent & Open Volareo is an independent movement to create a Smart Voice speaker and platform that is open and inclusive, for everyone.   Smart voice You can search for songs, you can tell Volareo to play your favourite music and easily tip your favourite musicians. The type of smart voice we envision is focused around “getting things done” rather than having a conversation. More like a “voice butler” than a “voice companion”.   Privacy 1st From day one, the … Read More


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$MUSIC can now be used to buy tangible goods. The Volareo Smart speaker will go on preorder for the Musicoin community on Wednesday the 11th. This will be the first time that the Volareo speaker will be available for pre-order and also the first time a physical product can be bought with $MUSIC. This is a major breakthrough for Musicoin and Volareo! Finally, Musicoin users can use their hard-earned virtual coins to buy a physical product. Newsletter subscribers will get … Read More

“I used to joke about Tiesto being a robot” – an interview with Emanate’s artist Dave Winnel

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We had the chance to have a chat with one of Emanate’s artists, Dave Winnel. He talks about the future of music, how to make it as a DJ and why he thinks Tiesto is a robot. The question everybody wants an answer for: how’s Armin van Buuren in person? A: He’s tall… very tall. Most Dutch are though. But apart from that, he’s one of the most genuine ‘normal’ dudes in the business. I was always super nervous to … Read More

“I love revenge. I love anything that motivates me to be the best.”: an interview with Goldilox

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The new single “touch you where it hurts” is out. Ethereal and beautiful but also twisted and violent. I feel like it says more about you than other songs, am I wrong?   Maybe this one is just a little more to the point. I love revenge. I love anything that motivates me to be the best. I have had some fiery relationships. I don’t let people get me down, I always use it as fuel. Don’t get even, get … Read More