Smart everywhere or only smart at home? Wireless or wired? Fair or unfair?

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You have choice. Take it.

The smart speaker market grew 187% in Q2 of 2018, according to a report by Canalys. What does this show? Consumers want to use their voices to do things. With much of our daily life involving staring at a screen, we are seeing a push towards voice commands.

What do users want to do with their voices?

Playing music is at the top of the list of smart speaker activities. A report by NPR and Edison found that 60% of users asked their device to play some tunes. This came ahead of answering general questions and seeing how the weather is.

The question is what else would you like to do with your smart speaker?


Devices like the Alexa function inside the walls of Amazon’s closed ecosystem. Imagine if you had the power to decide how you use your smart speaker. It belongs to you, after all, so why let someone else decide that? An open source software platform puts the power in the hands of developers. Non-developers also play an important role in open source projects. Feedback is crucial when it comes to open source software. Why not curate your own experience, since you know yourself better than any company.

Volareo wants to get to know you though. You tell us what functionality you want in our device, and we to make it happen. Too good to be true? It only seems that way because that is not how us consumers are used to being treated by companies. The change is here.

Human contact

Smart speakers are holding more and more importance in everyday life. Aren’t we growing further from actual humans? Well, yes, but there are alternatives. Google and Amazon’s devices love middlemen. They favour their own platforms and bank the chunk of the profit that should go to creators. Think about the big music streaming platforms. The big winners are the platforms themselves and the major labels.

Volareo keeps the people in mind. It was created by people who have experienced the injustice of the conglomerates. They decided to shake up the landscape. That can only be done if consumers get on board. Strategic partnerships with platforms without middleman shrink the distance between user and creator.


I don’t spend much time at home. I also travel a lot. I play music in the office and at friends’ houses. I don’t like having tangled cables in my bag. Are you like me?

Would you go back to having a corded phone over a mobile? I want to wirelessly charge my devices. I want to streamline my tech life, and I don’t want to be glued to a screen for the majority of the day.

I want to feel good about my consumption and my purchases. I make music, like many of you reading this. I just don’t feel comfortable only using platforms that exploit people like me. Where is the middle class in the music industry? It hasn’t been allowed to flourish by big companies. I want to be part of that change. You too?



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