Volareo & Soundeon partnership to solve problems of media rights and management

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Volareo is further expanding its blockchain ecosystem with a new partnership with Soundeon added to its roster.

A common vision
Both Volareo and Soundeon share a vision of empowering creators, bridging the gap between artist and fan. Soundeon presents a step-by-step solution to not only invigorate the music business with fairness, transparency, trust and independence, but also to unleash the potential value of merging recorded music and ticketing into a fan-centric experience. “Our breakthrough technology encapsulates not only digital rights management but the entire life-cycle of an artist, including funding, IP marketplace, DRM, micro-payment channels and ticketing on the distributed ledger,” said Vladimir Avdeev, CVO of Soundeon.

The Estonian company highlights the lack of funding mechanisms for independent artists as a major problem in the music industry. Non-transparent and inefficient music rights distribution and royalty collections are partly to blame for this. They lament the limited opportunities to manage and monetize existing music rights whilst maintaining fan engagement. Furthermore, they pinpoint the disconnect between recorded music and live event ticketing, as marginalizing loyal fans and promoting ticket scalping and fraud. “Blockchain technology offers levels of engagement from fans and compensation to the artists that were previously unimaginable. Volareo’s partnership with Soundeon makes it even easier for fans to compensate their artists” said Nick Yap, founder of Volareo.

Artist empowerment through smart tech
Soundeon has developed a single blockchain-based smart contract media rights and management environment that is uncensored, fair, transparent and fosters an ever closer relationship between the artist and fan. Proposing a ‘5 layer solution’ to ail the woes of the music industry.
Firstly, via patent-pending Creative Smart Contracts™ token sales, they are empowering artists to finance their creative visions. Backers become engaged stakeholders in their artist’s success story. On the Soundeon exchange, anyone can buy or sell revenue generating royalty streams and build up diversified portfolios. Their music streaming player leverages a decentralized ledger for immutable and transparent royalty collection and fan-centric loyalty mechanism.
On top of that, a smart ticketing platform utilizes dynamic QR codes and Creative Smart Contracts to eliminate scalping, fraud and empower organizers to control, both the primary and secondary ticketing market. Natively integrated within the Soundeon environment and loyalty mechanisms. A Blockchain-based royalty data aggregator and analytics allows artists and fans to track earnings from all royalty streams and other revenues, including ticketing income.

First orders of Volareo speakers can be made via the Indiegogo page here, for a price of $99USD for Early Bird adopters. An early-access link to the order page is now open for one month (from Aug 15th till Sept 15th). Volareo is set to deliver in Q1 2018.


Volareo is a music streaming smart speaker that makes the benefits of blockchain accessible and cryptocurrency easy to use. Born out of the need for innovation in high quality hardware, Volareo seeks to benefit active music makers and discoverers, looking to use breakthrough technologies in the music industry. See more at. volareo.live.

Soundeon is a pioneering, fan-centric, decentralized and vertically integrated music platform that covers all aspects of the music industry. From song creation and copyright to resale of both existing and future music royalties, to live event ticket sales. Utilizing the proprietary patent-pending Creative Smart Contract™, Soundeon promotes transparency, fairness, and trust in the music industry. Soundeon is also the first blockchain-based platform to vertically integrate the recorded rights music and live event ticketing industries. See more at soundeon.com.

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