Paul Hanford on post-internet culture, London’s trends and the need of independency

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Only 2 days left until we launch the Indiegogo campaign for the world’s first open source, decentralized smart speaker! It has been amazing to see the excitement for Volareo.   You’re a big advocate of independent music and underground/ sub-genres being heard. Where do you see the state of things in this post-internet culture? We live in a paradox. On one hand, the tools for creative production are in abundance – with decent music production software available (much of the … Read More

Warp brothers on the future of music, owning crypto and their best gigs memories: Volareo interviews (part 1)

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You guys have been in the scene for more than three decades now. I wasn’t even born then. How did the music industry change in those years? Well, if you have another 30 years time we can start to tell you ;). But seriously. Let’s pick some of the most obvious points in the following categories: a) sound carriers b) music production c) bookings/live. There are too many to include them all in the answer to this question so we decided to narrow it … Read More