Streaming: poison for the music industry?

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Wonder what Volareo is? Check this link to know more. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates.   The fat cat streaming services are eating most of the pie and leaving only a thin slice for the artists. We know the story: the all-you-can-stream model appears to please the passive listener. What about the active listener though (those heavily invested in their artists)? Spotify alternatives (like Musicoin) are cropping up thick and fast with a new model. Many of them run on … Read More

“New technologies will help artists get paid better”: interview with DJ Maestro

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You’re a multi-platinum awarded jazz musician with your Blue Note Trip series. How did that come about, and how did your love for jazz start?   “My love for jazz started in my early twenties. It got a boost when I got a job at national jazz radio station Within a couple of days, my internship was transformed into a regular job. With no knowledge of radio at all and just a bit of jazz, I managed to raise … Read More

“Any new way to buy things with crypto will certainly help”: an honest interview with Grammy nominated musician Pascal Guyon.

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Your career has been incredibly successful – you have multiple grammy nominations on your belt – how did you go from a small city in France to the in-depth music world of Los Angeles?   At a young age, my parents noticed me playing with my small instruments along with the radio. It became serious in my teenage years. I started getting classical as well as jazz piano lessons and being mentored by the best musicians in Europe. I quickly … Read More