Smart everywhere or only smart at home? Wireless or wired? Fair or unfair?

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You have choice. Take it. The smart speaker market grew 187% in Q2 of 2018, according to a report by Canalys. What does this show? Consumers want to use their voices to do things. With much of our daily life involving staring at a screen, we are seeing a push towards voice commands. What do users want to do with their voices? Playing music is at the top of the list of smart speaker activities. A report by NPR and … Read More

To yours truly, a message from Volareo: Indiegogo launch

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Hey you, Yes, you. It’s been a long journey. For most of it, it’s been a roller coaster. When you’re a startup and want to solve a big problem the thing that you need the most is a lot of support. You guys have been amazing from the start. For that, we can only say thank you. This company wouldn’t have been so successful without you.  Today we’ll be hitting our first milestone. Finally, all our work has led to the … Read More

Paul Hanford on post-internet culture, London’s trends and the need of independency

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Only 2 days left until we launch the Indiegogo campaign for the world’s first open source, decentralized smart speaker! It has been amazing to see the excitement for Volareo.   You’re a big advocate of independent music and underground/ sub-genres being heard. Where do you see the state of things in this post-internet culture? We live in a paradox. On one hand, the tools for creative production are in abundance – with decent music production software available (much of the … Read More

Collaboration nation

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Only 5 days left until we launch the Indiegogo campaign for the world’s first open source, decentralized smart speaker! It has been amazing to see the excitement for Volareo. According to a new Citigroup report, recording artists received just 12% of the $43 billion that the music industry generated in 2017. Bjorn Niclas of blockchain streaming service Choon said that artists get the ‘smallest piece of the pie even though they are the ones creating the content’ and that in … Read More

Lilly Palmer on Berghain, releasing on BLKCHN records and more: Volareo interviews

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  Why Noordwijk as a base? Especially following on from your time in the electronic music mecca that is Berlin.  My main reason to move to Noordwijk (a small beautiful town on the beach, around 40 min. from Amsterdam) was to move in together with my boyfriend in October 2017. Before I was actually based in Zurich for 5 years, my Berlin time is long ago. The Netherlands is treating me well and offers me an amazing techno scene. Can … Read More

Alberta Balsam on going independent, the struggle of Spotify and her music influences – Volareo interviews

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Volareo is an open, decentralized platform that allows creators, developers, cryptocurrency enthusiasts, blockchain partners and voice commerce to thrive within my decentralized ecosystem, where privacy and anonymity are guaranteed. Follow Volareo’s Indiegogo launch and subscribe to be an early backer at: T-09 Nine days until we launch the Indiegogo campaign for the world’s first fully open source, decentralized smart speaker! Stay up-to-date, follow us on @Volareo or become an ambassador by joining our Facebook Grou here. We’ve interviewed Alberta … Read More

The vision of Volareo: an interview with the founder Nick Yap

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Join our contest to win the very first Volareo speaker. Click on this link and participate! S: How did this idea became a company? N: I think we are ahead of time right now, but let’s not wait for it to be right. Let’s be the pioneers! So I sat down with Tom and started a bunch of accounts. It is actually the comments of people that kept telling us “it’s a good idea!” that gave us the confidence to go for it. … Read More

Have fun in a crowd with crowdfunding

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You have a mind full of business/artistic ideas, but an empty pocket. Welcome your saviour, crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is raising finance by asking many people for a small amount of money each. This is the opposite of asking a small number of investors for a large amount of capital. Why choose to crowdfund over Bill Gates though? Crowdfunding builds a community. It creates brand ambassadors, who share your vision and believe in you. This family follow your journey and are rewarded … Read More

Warp brothers on the future of music, owning crypto and their best gigs memories: Volareo interviews (part 1)

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You guys have been in the scene for more than three decades now. I wasn’t even born then. How did the music industry change in those years? Well, if you have another 30 years time we can start to tell you ;). But seriously. Let’s pick some of the most obvious points in the following categories: a) sound carriers b) music production c) bookings/live. There are too many to include them all in the answer to this question so we decided to narrow it … Read More

Siin on speakers privacy, mixing arab music and electronic music and Berlin: Volareo’s interviews

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  You’re an artist and creative based in Berlin that is bringing the Arab world to a western country. How’s that being received by the community? Very good and with great expectations, since there are a lot of people from the Arab world in our community and also a lot of people are interested in Arabic music. You started from the very humble beginning. Your story is very closely related to your music and events. Can you tell us more … Read More