Ralph: an interview with Canadian pop singer on her new effort “The tables have turned”

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You are born and raised in Canada. How’s the music scene over there? Would you say it shaped you? Toronto has always had a pretty phenomenal music scene, but I think right now in particular Toronto is killing it with music. We have such insane talent that is being internationally recognized, Alessia Cara, Drake, Shawn Mendes, Daniel Caesar, Jesse Reyez, etc. It feels like Toronto has become a city that is being watched, there’s an increased interest in who else … Read More

The road: a musician shares his struggles

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The path to the musician’s mecca can be long, but making connections and building a community can shorten the journey. Following my quite musically mainstream teenage years, I relocated to Paris after high school and began bopping the night away in clubs like Social Club by Grands Boulevards. Within those walls, I discovered Brondinski and French Fries, among others, and my electronic sensibility grew and grew. In my quest to master French slang, rap from MC Solaar did the trick, and … Read More