Lilly Palmer on Berghain, releasing on BLKCHN records and more: Volareo interviews

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  Why Noordwijk as a base? Especially following on from your time in the electronic music mecca that is Berlin.  My main reason to move to Noordwijk (a small beautiful town on the beach, around 40 min. from Amsterdam) was to move in together with my boyfriend in October 2017. Before I was actually based in Zurich for 5 years, my Berlin time is long ago. The Netherlands is treating me well and offers me an amazing techno scene. Can … Read More

Streaming: poison for the music industry?

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Wonder what Volareo is? Check this link to know more. Subscribe to our newsletter for updates.   The fat cat streaming services are eating most of the pie and leaving only a thin slice for the artists. We know the story: the all-you-can-stream model appears to please the passive listener. What about the active listener though (those heavily invested in their artists)? Spotify alternatives (like Musicoin) are cropping up thick and fast with a new model. Many of them run on … Read More

What is Volareo? A smart speaker that has a purpose

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Independent & Open Volareo is an independent movement to create a Smart Voice speaker and platform that is open and inclusive, for everyone.   Smart voice You can search for songs, you can tell Volareo to play your favourite music and easily tip your favourite musicians. The type of smart voice we envision is focused around “getting things done” rather than having a conversation. More like a “voice butler” than a “voice companion”.   Privacy 1st From day one, the … Read More


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$MUSIC can now be used to buy tangible goods. The Volareo Smart speaker will go on preorder for the Musicoin community on Wednesday the 11th. This will be the first time that the Volareo speaker will be available for pre-order and also the first time a physical product can be bought with $MUSIC. This is a major breakthrough for Musicoin and Volareo! Finally, Musicoin users can use their hard-earned virtual coins to buy a physical product. Newsletter subscribers will get … Read More

Volareo Gives Away 6000 $MUSIC In a Quest to Find The Best Musicoin Artist!

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From the 21st of May until the 11th of June Volareo will be giving away 2000 $MUSIC a week to a lucky winner. Totalling up to a whopping 6000 Musicoin during the 3 week period of the contest. Volareo is on a quest to find the best music currently available on Musicoin. The contest will be done in a leaderboard fashion. When you enter you will have the opportunity to collect points by carrying out various actions, like following us on … Read More