5 Ways to get rich as a musician today through Blockchain

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Let me start off by saying that blockchain by no means is a get rich quick scheme, not for a musician at least. What it can be though is a long-term value giant. With the current situation of middlemen like Spotify taking massive cuts, it is hard for smaller musicians to make a living off their passion. Blockchain removes the need to have these middlemen and thus allows a garage band size musician to start putting more time into their … Read More

Say Hello to Volareo: a Streaming Speaker That Pays Musicians When You Clap

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Volareo and musicoin blockchain

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE JANUARY 10, 2018 ROTTERDAM and HONG KONG What if when you streamed free music, you knew the artist would get paid fairly, directly, and instantly… every time? What if you could even tip them by simply clapping your hands or pressing a button? ROTTERDAM and HONG KONG : Today, the Musicoin Project and ROCKI announce the development of Volareo, the world’s first “smart” speaker powered by blockchain technology. Volareo allows users to listen to a lifetime of free … Read More