Volareo, sounds good?!

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We all want good sound. Whether relaxing on the couch at home or out in the park, it matters. The depth of bass, clarity of treble and richness in the middle range are ideal. A strong performance at all levels of volume is the goal. One must consider wattage, sensitivity and total harmonic distortion then. Portability has become more and more important for consumers. As has smart capabilities, but most manufacturers have not successfully married the two up until now. … Read More

Volareo smart speaker: a breakdown of all its features.

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The most versatile portable smart speaker Volareo is a portable smart speaker that works as a voice assistant, TV broadcaster and music streaming player. It encompasses all the needs of an entertainment hub, giving you the possibility to stream video as well as listen to music, all while being portable and easy to carry. Wireless charging functionality ensures that when you’re at home the device can have its energy topped up easily, before bringing it to a party or a … Read More

Say Hello to Volareo: a Streaming Speaker That Pays Musicians When You Clap

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Volareo and musicoin blockchain

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE JANUARY 10, 2018 ROTTERDAM and HONG KONG What if when you streamed free music, you knew the artist would get paid fairly, directly, and instantly… every time? What if you could even tip them by simply clapping your hands or pressing a button? ROTTERDAM and HONG KONG : Today, the Musicoin Project and ROCKI announce the development of Volareo, the world’s first “smart” speaker powered by blockchain technology. Volareo allows users to listen to a lifetime of free … Read More