To yours truly, a message from Volareo: Indiegogo launch

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Hey you,

Yes, you. It’s been a long journey. For most of it, it’s been a roller coaster. When you’re a startup and want to solve a big problem the thing that you need the most is a lot of support. You guys have been amazing from the start. For that, we can only say thank you. This company wouldn’t have been so successful without you. 

Today we’ll be hitting our first milestone. Finally, all our work has led to the launch of our Indiegogo campaign. We’re going live. And we’re throwing a PARTY for it! We’ve been out and about trying to give our mission wings, and today is take off. We’re convinced we’ve created something unique. Out of the ordinary. We’re also convinced that’ll make a difference, in the world as well as in everyday people’s life.

This is why if you’re reading this. If you feel an itchy irritability on how things are heading. If there’s something not quite right in the way things are handled in respect to privacy, software development, music and money, this might just be your hooked stick for your itchy back. Scratch out how things are and try a product that has the intent of opening our future. For the better. For the long run. For the fair and just.

Follow this link for our Indiegogo campaign that is just about to go live. For once, take action and don’t just stand there and look at others making a change. Take back control of your destiny and pledge to the most technically advanced speaker, that has a purpose. That being, having an alternative to what it’s just given to us. Because there’s nothing more satisfying than building something for the people, by the people.

We cannot thank you enough for having supported us with kind words and moral support so far. It’s been our fuel for all of this months. Now it’s time to get this rocket up and running at full speed. Our aim is to go to the moon!


2 Comments on “To yours truly, a message from Volareo: Indiegogo launch”

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