What is Volareo? A smart speaker that has a purpose

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Independent & Open

Volareo is an independent movement to create a Smart Voice speaker and platform that is open and inclusive, for everyone.


Smart voice

You can search for songs, you can tell Volareo to play your favourite music and easily tip your favourite musicians. The type of smart voice we envision is focused around “getting things done” rather than having a conversation. More like a “voice butler” than a “voice companion”.


Privacy 1st

From day one, the Volareo movement’s mission is to develop for you and me, and not for advertisers. It will hear you, not listen to you.


A meaningful bond between musicians & music lovers

One of the saddest gripes we have with the current state of the music industry is how musicians have been reduced to a line of text in an “all you can eat” buffet called “playlists”. We need to bring back the lost love and feeling between musicians and music lovers. The community has helped a lot in pinpointing how – it’s stories, podcasts, voice chats. There’s a story behind every musician, and music lovers love to hear it. We’ve already put a team onto getting musicians to talk – interviews, podcasts, let’s bring back the meaningful bond.


Every Volareo Ships with Musicoin

Right out of the box, you can use the Musicoins included in Volareo – tip your musician, buy a T-shirt, getting tickets of your favourite musician before they sell out – whatever rocks your socks. We felt this is especially important for music lovers who are not necessarily crypto enthusiasts. We need to make it simple for everyone.


Simply buy more Musicoin with your Voice, authenticated

When you’ve used up the Musicoin included in Volareo, you can easily buy more Musicoin with your voice. Just say it. It’s like the fingerprint sensor on your phone, but then with voice. All within Volareo instead of a fingerprint. So when you say tip the musician or buy me 10 dollars of Musicoin, it’s only your voice that will be recognized for payment related instructions.


Volareo is “Voice 1st”, not “Voice Only”. In the most interactive way.

Yes, there will be mobile apps & web apps. On the speaker itself, there’s even tap & touch abilities. Voice comes most naturally and it’s the simplest way to get some things done at home. Just say it and it’s done. But of course, there are times when a tap on the mobile phone or browsing on your computer is better. That’s why we’ve built a Volareo platform that’s behind the speaker. The speaker serves as a simple way to interact, listen and enjoy your favourite content, in the most common place, your home.


Is it only for unsigned artists?

No. At Volareo we believe in inclusion, so signed artists and labels are not excluded. We do see that at this moment, independent artists need and want that direct connection with music lovers much more – but hey, who doesn’t want that!? In our partnership announcements coming up, there’ll be also labels and successful artists. It’s not about commercial or not commercial, it’s about wanting to create a healthy environment where musicians and music lovers can feel each other’s appreciation much more directly. It’s all about fair pay fair play. We welcome everyone big or small who believes in this vision. Size doesn’t matter. Neither genre.


More than just music.

Next to music, podcasts and news flashes will be a key part of Volareo. Imagine when you wake up, you could get a morning summary including news along with your favourite music. Or when you come home and unwind. How’s your crypto prices doing, what’s up with the Indiegogo campaigns you’ve backed, where should you go about to get your coffee, or recipes for making your dinner.


This is a movement, YOUR movement

We could go on and on and on with all the use scenarios, the most important thing about Volareo is it’s a movement by me, you, us – bringing together everyone to create our world. And making things we believe in – like crypto, music, privacy etc – a common part of homes, a common part of our everyday lives, The more of us there is, the more everyday life use scenarios we can build.


Thanks for your support, shoot your questions, we’re listening… and tell everyone, spread the love!


1st pre-order access for Musicoin this Wednesday

Volareo will be launched on Indiegogo in August. However, this Wednesday, Musicoin community will have a chance to pre-order Volareo before everyone else – as a token of our appreciation for your support, for a discounted price. And yes, you can buy Volareo with Musicoin.




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