What to learn from this year’s Coachella: a look into the post-internet music industry.

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This week-end Coachella has started. As always, those who didn’t make it are following the happenings on live stream and crying over ice cream on how miserable it is not to be there. For us, it has quite a different feeling. For us, Coachella is almost a big social experiment the music industry is playing with the public. What are the insights to take from the single most cool event worldwide (maybe second only to the Burning Man), and what does it say about the music industry and being a musician in 2018.


1.How to become the queen of the music industry.

Beyonce was the first female headliner of the festival. Many called the festival Beycella after her performance.

Coachella confirmed Beyonce as the queen of music. She just is. There’s no but, no if. It’s been a few years she’s hands down dominating any possible channel for which you can measure musical success. She influences culture as much as a political figure. If all of a sudden she would say: “from now on, all of my fans have to wear rainbow colored attire”, trust me, they would. This is how powerful she is. At this Coachella, she threw in the mix a bit of everything: Jay Z and their romantic drama, old Destiny’s Child reunion and the most amazing performance it has ever been seen at a festival (according to literally everybody who has seen it). So what’s the outtake? Long story short, musicians can become such a big influence on culture that they can move the music industry single-handedly. The question is, are your fans really yours?



2.Even big musicians have mental breakdowns.

The Weeknd

The Weeknd singing at Coachella 2018.

Yes, the Weekend cried on stage at this year’s Coachella. About this I’m sincerely conflicted. I don’t know if it shows great emotional attachment to his songs or if he’s just overwhelmed by the scale of things. Either or, The Weeknd remains a top name. However, Twitter is conflicted on the topic too, and it seems a “make it or break it” situation. What that says about the music scene? That strong emotions are a double edged sword. If authentic, they could bring you to even more notoriety. If not, you might crash your career with a single cry. Always remember, the internet can be a really cruel environment when it comes to celebrity chasing. So be careful, Icarus. 


3. Hip Hop is the most represented genre.

Hip Hop

The “ghettoblaster”. A well known piece of equipment during the golden age of hip hop.

Since quite some years, hip hop has become the most listened genre on any music platform. Last year, Spotify released an annual statistics report claiming that hip hop music listeners has grown by 74% since the year before. It is above pop music by far. This year’s Coachella reiterates this fact, by bringing in a plethora of hip hop acts with stellar followings. From the above mentioned Beyonce and The Weekend, to Eminem, Cardi B and SZA. It seems that the real heavy hitters are those who revolve within this genre. Quite an insight to think how far hip hop has gone, from its late 70’s debut as a social and political rampage from the ghettos, to making “pop numbers” less than 40 years later. What’s the lesson here? Stick to what you believe in. It will pay back sooner or later. And with big numbers.

4.There’s a lot of semi-unknown artists still to be discovered.

I was surprised at how many artists I still have never heard of, which made it to Coachella this year. I tend to have a pretty big knowledge on up and coming artists, so whenever some of them get into a world renowned stage such as Coachella, it gives a feeling that the music industry isn’t just about acclaimed artists and how many tickets can they sell. This goes to say that you shouldn’t drop your guitar, quit your piano lessons or stop producing because nobody listens. Grit is key. If you don’t go all in on your passion, you won’t see the rewards of it.


Brockhampton (Kevin Abstract in the picture) are considered to be one of the most promising music acts in 2018.

What is our contribution: 

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