“I love revenge. I love anything that motivates me to be the best.”: an interview with Goldilox

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The new single “touch you where it hurts” is out. Ethereal and beautiful but also twisted and violent. I feel like it says more about you than other songs, am I wrong?   Maybe this one is just a little more to the point. I love revenge. I love anything that motivates me to be the best. I have had some fiery relationships. I don’t let people get me down, I always use it as fuel. Don’t get even, get … Read More

An interview with Dj Lethal Skillz: a thought on blockchain music

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We had the chance to have a chat with Dj Lethal Skillz on his musical journey, his experience with Musicoin and Steemit and how he thinks blockchain can revolutionise the world. Here are his thoughts: What’s the first album you’ve bought? Michael Jackson, Thriller Album on Cassette How is your music influenced by what you’ve listened and how much can you hear other artists within your tracks? Grew up listening to 80’s Pop,Rock and HipHop, as a Beat Maker and … Read More

The road: a musician shares his struggles

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The path to the musician’s mecca can be long, but making connections and building a community can shorten the journey. Following my quite musically mainstream teenage years, I relocated to Paris after high school and began bopping the night away in clubs like Social Club by Grands Boulevards. Within those walls, I discovered Brondinski and French Fries, among others, and my electronic sensibility grew and grew. In my quest to master French slang, rap from MC Solaar did the trick, and … Read More

Volareo Gives Away 6000 $MUSIC In a Quest to Find The Best Musicoin Artist!

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From the 21st of May until the 11th of June Volareo will be giving away 2000 $MUSIC a week to a lucky winner. Totalling up to a whopping 6000 Musicoin during the 3 week period of the contest. Volareo is on a quest to find the best music currently available on Musicoin. The contest will be done in a leaderboard fashion. When you enter you will have the opportunity to collect points by carrying out various actions, like following us on … Read More

H(A)I! It’s playtime

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Artificial intelligence and voice-activated speakers It’s time to take your eyes off the screen and put your mouth to the mic: voice-activated, smart speakers have replaced vases on the mantelpiece and are mostly being used to listen to music, a recent survey by Adobe Analytics found. That said, the current devices on the market have a way to go when it comes to matchmaking artists and fans. There is real potential to nurture this relationship beyond the ‘play Låpsley – … Read More

Drowning in the ocean of the music business: what to learn from the 1%

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There’s quite a heated discussions over income inequality. The statistics are starting to become dazzling in terms of numbers, There’s big revenues and profits to be made, in almost every industry. The enabler of all this is technology. What is called “the second machine age” has permitted every industry to move money towards very few (the infamous 1%) and left the remaining 99% battling for a slice of the cake. The music landscape acts in the same exact way. Not … Read More

What to learn from this year’s Coachella: a look into the post-internet music industry.

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This week-end Coachella has started. As always, those who didn’t make it are following the happenings on live stream and crying over ice cream on how miserable it is not to be there. For us, it has quite a different feeling. For us, Coachella is almost a big social experiment the music industry is playing with the public. What are the insights to take from the single most cool event worldwide (maybe second only to the Burning Man), and what does … Read More

I’m sorry musicians, this is not gonna work out. Unless…

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Are you a musician? Act like you own a start-up. It’s the ultimate dilemma. You’re creative and have infinite ideas on how to push the music landscape to new horizons. However, faster drums, better melodies and vocal bravado don’t seem to get you very far, right? Well, maybe you should start thinking that you’re basically a start-up. Much like any start-up, your album is your product, your music is your vision and your fans are your customers. The best thing to … Read More

How many musicians became a line of text in a playlist

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Where the musician once was the center piece of attention. Many have now reverted to being a simple line of text in a Spotify playlist. Today you often hear: “I don’t now the name of the artists. I have just heard this song before in a playlist.”. Surely an the work of an artist deserves more attention than that. Musicians in the past 30 Years ago the musicians had it all. Many artists where known for their work because it … Read More

The Top 1% of Artists Earn 77% of Recorded Music Revenue

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That is what Digital Music Wrote back in 2014. Since then this revenue shared has only increased leaving unsigned smaller artist with dust to chew on. This share is even larger than the share of the total worlds wealth that the 1% richest humans have (which for reference is 50%). This horrible distribution is caused by thousands of middlemen taking large revenue cuts form smaller artist feeding the ones that don’t need it. Blockchain is here to change this. Blockchain … Read More