Branding and Presence on Blockchain for Musicians

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As a musician today, it is important to have a clear branding image. With all the blockchain networks that are up at this point, it is difficult to keep a consistent image. Furthermore, the amount of platforms currently claiming to be the next blockchain revelation is enormous. So which ones do you indulge in? Generally, it is recommended to be active on as many platforms as possible. The main issue with this is the promotion of your activity on all … Read More

Blockchain could change the way artists get paid

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Listening to music is easier than it has ever been. Spotify, Apple Music, SoundCloud – just to name a few – are all ready to fill your ears with more music than you could ever listen to. As a user, you pay a fixed monthly fee for this easy access and the streaming service then passes that money on to the artist right? Well, not quite. In theory, the artist receives a certain amount of money per play. Yet, with … Read More

4 Ways to connect to your fans as a musician

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The musicians connection with their fans Think about it… When was the last time you truly connected with the people that love your content and when you did, when was the last time they were able to respond? The streaming world created a large barrier for a true physical connection between fans and musicians.  Music is about sharing, loving and creating together. Lets see how we come back to that. 1. Social groups The voice of someone who presses play on … Read More