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Volareo is a privacy-first, open source smart speaker with a decentralized and flexible ecosystem that lives on its own blockchain.

Develop meaningful, voice-driven DVapps right on Volareo's blockchain

By utilizing the powerful, smart contract-based API of the Volareo smart speaker you have the opportunity to create unique and powerful voice-driven DVapps that run directly on Volareo's private and decentralized blockchain.

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The world of voice commerce is excepted to hit $40+bn by 2022

The ecosystem behind the Volareo smart speaker is expected to hit $40+bn in revenue by 2022 in the U.K. and U.S. alone. Voice-driven applications are easier for users to understand and offer endless and viable commercial opportunities.

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Create bridges between voice control, commerce, IoT, blockchain and crypto

By tapping into the world of voice-driven apps, you open up a world of possibilities. Because of Volareo's open nature, you are free to connect anything to anything. The only limit here is your imagination! We could list a thousand examples, but we'd rather have you find out the most meaningful way to connect voice-driven connectivity and commerce.

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We are creating the world's first open source and decentralized smart speaker. By utilizing blockchain technology, an endless world of possibilities opens up that could range from decentralized applications for voice-controlled online shopping to voice-activated smart lighting systems at home? We can't wait to see what developers will create in the Volareo ecosystem.

Volareo is bridging the gap between voice commands, online shopping, IoT and cryptocurrencies in the broadest sense possible. By utilizing established hardware connectivity methods like WiFi and bi-directional bluetooth combined with exciting new technologies like blockchain and ERC20-based smart contracts we are paving the way to an open, transparent future of voice-controlled commerce.

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