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Volareo is the world’s first open source smart speaker that ships with Musicoin integration.

Enjoy the world's first portable smart speaker with voice command support that works even without internet

Take your Volareo Smart Speaker with you wherever you like and still enjoy the benefits of voice control, even on the go! The Volareo Smart Speaker doesn't require internet for your voice commands to function, which is apart from quick and easy, also a lot more private and secure.

Tip to support your favorite artists by clapping, tapping or giving a voice command

With the Volareo Smart Speaker you can comfortably tip your favorite artists on the Musicoin platform simply by clapping and confirming with your spoken passphrase. Every new Volareo smart speaker comes pre-loaded with 500 $MUSIC to get started.

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Enjoy powerful, crisp sound with long-lasting battery life, even at higher volume

Take your Volareo Smart Speaker with you wherever you like. With long-lasting battery life and crisp, clear sound you can enjoy your music anywhere! You can also easily pair the smart speaker with your phone or other bluetooth-enabled devices, so you can stream your favorite music directly to the Volareo Smart Speaker.

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We are creating the world's first open source and decentralized smart speaker. By utilizing blockchain technology, an endless world of possibilities opens up that could range from decentralized applications for voice-controlled online shopping to voice-activated smart lighting systems at home? We can't wait to see what developers will create in the Volareo ecosystem.

Volareo is bridging the gap between voice commands, online shopping, IoT and cryptocurrencies in the broadest sense possible. By utilizing established hardware connectivity methods like WiFi and bi-directional bluetooth combined with exciting new technologies like blockchain and ERC20-based smart contracts we are paving the way to an open, transparent future of voice-controlled commerce.

Say Hello to an Open Future. Say Hello to Volareo.