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Volareo is the world’s first open source smart speaker that's built by the people, for the people.

Say Hello to an Open Future, say Hello to Volareo

Our aim is to create a Smart Speaker that works without meddling of big, centralized companies. We are creating a speaker that's built for the people who value privacy! The Volareo Smart Speaker is not operated by a multi-billion dollar company who profits off your personal details. Instead we build an open, extendable platform where developers can create the most amazing DVApps without having to agree to 200 pages of terms and conditions.

The Volareo Smart Speaker is built with open source as a starting point

By building on top of the open ecosystem of Volareo, developers can create amazing DVApps and build bridges between IoT, cryptocurrencies, blockchain and voice-commerce. Tap into a new and exciting world of modern applications and hardware and capitalize on a market that's projected to bring in $40bn by 2022, in the UK and US alone.

We believe that openness creates unique experiences that can be used by everyone who want to be part of the movement

The Volareo Smart Speaker is built on an open platform where most of the soft- and firmware is fully open sourced. We believe by opening up the core of the Volareo Smart Speaker we can have developers create literally unstoppable DVApps, that run directly on Volareo's blockchain.

Let us show you how to make the most of blockchain. Join our ever growing community of privacy-minded individuals today.

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We are creating the world's first open source and decentralized smart speaker. By utilizing blockchain technology, an endless world of possibilities opens up that could range from decentralized applications for voice-controlled online shopping to voice-activated smart lighting systems at home? We can't wait to see what developers will create in the Volareo ecosystem.

Volareo is bridging the gap between voice commands, online shopping, IoT and cryptocurrencies in the broadest sense possible. By utilizing established hardware connectivity methods like WiFi and bi-directional bluetooth combined with exciting new technologies like blockchain and ERC20-based smart contracts we are paving the way to an open, transparent future of voice-controlled commerce.

Say Hello to an Open Future. Say Hello to Volareo.