Build voice enabled commerce

Volareo is the world’s first open source smart speaker where you can build bridges between IoT, crypto, blockchain and voice-commerce.

Build ground-breaking DVApps (decentralized voice apps) that tie in with exciting modern techniques and standards

As a developer on the Volareo platform you can build apps that connect multiple exciting platforms, including blockchain, cryptocurrencies and voice commerce. Create custom voice commands, integrate external APIs and libraries... it's all possible due to Volareo's open nature.

Capitalize on a new market that's expected to bring in $40bn in the UK and the US alone in 2022

Creating voice-driven apps can be very lucrative, according to a new market research report from OC&C Strategy Consultants out this week. With huge potential for growth and profits, you can become a pioneer in this new, exciting market.

Create apps free of restrictions imposed by the big companies currently dominating the market of voice-commerce

Every developer who ever created an app for a big company, knows how many restrictions there are in their incredibly large terms and conditions. With Volareo we aim to keep our ecosystem as developer friendly as we humanly can. Create apps that run on blockchain and cannot be stopped by governmental bodies or companies.

Let us show you how to make the most of blockchain. Join our ever growing community of musicians today.

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We are creating the world's first open source and decentralized smart speaker. By utilizing blockchain technology, an endless world of possibilities opens up that could range from decentralized applications for voice-controlled online shopping to voice-activated smart lighting systems at home? We can't wait to see what developers will create in the Volareo ecosystem.

Volareo is bridging the gap between voice commands, online shopping, IoT and cryptocurrencies in the broadest sense possible. By utilizing established hardware connectivity methods like WiFi and bi-directional bluetooth combined with exciting new technologies like blockchain and ERC20-based smart contracts we are paving the way to an open, transparent future of voice-controlled commerce.

Say Hello to an Open Future. Say Hello to Volareo.