Volareo interviews: Emanate’s artist Jafunk

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Your sound reminds me a lot of the Parisian funky/electronic scene. The likes of Breakbot, Chromeo, Flight Facilities, Cassius, etc. Did it play an influence on you? The French funk sound has been a massive influence of mine, particularly around 2010 when this type of sound was gathering momentum. I’m also a massive fan of the Roche Musique crew: Darius, Kartell, FKJ, Cherokee etc. I’ve been listening to them since 2013 and many of their songs have influenced my music. … Read More

Ralph: an interview with Canadian pop singer on her new effort “The tables have turned”

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You are born and raised in Canada. How’s the music scene over there? Would you say it shaped you? Toronto has always had a pretty phenomenal music scene, but I think right now in particular Toronto is killing it with music. We have such insane talent that is being internationally recognized, Alessia Cara, Drake, Shawn Mendes, Daniel Caesar, Jesse Reyez, etc. It feels like Toronto has become a city that is being watched, there’s an increased interest in who else … Read More

Volareo, sounds good?!

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We all want good sound. Whether relaxing on the couch at home or out in the park, it matters. The depth of bass, clarity of treble and richness in the middle range are ideal. A strong performance at all levels of volume is the goal. One must consider wattage, sensitivity and total harmonic distortion then. Portability has become more and more important for consumers. As has smart capabilities, but most manufacturers have not successfully married the two up until now. … Read More

The advantages of having Choon integrated into Volareo

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Choon and Volareo as one I was so excited to hear that Volareo officially partnering with the increasingly popular blockchain-based music platform, Choon. I was excited about it for many reasons, but primarily because both parties represent something new, and wildly different than what we are accustomed to in the current music and tech landscape. Sure, we have had smart speakers like Alexa for some time now. And we have been able to stream music “for real” since Spotify came … Read More

Volareo smart speaker: a breakdown of all its features.

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The most versatile portable smart speaker Volareo is a portable smart speaker that works as a voice assistant, TV broadcaster and music streaming player. It encompasses all the needs of an entertainment hub, giving you the possibility to stream video as well as listen to music, all while being portable and easy to carry. Wireless charging functionality ensures that when you’re at home the device can have its energy topped up easily, before bringing it to a party or a … Read More

Smart everywhere or only smart at home? Wireless or wired? Fair or unfair?

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You have choice. Take it. The smart speaker market grew 187% in Q2 of 2018, according to a report by Canalys. What does this show? Consumers want to use their voices to do things. With much of our daily life involving staring at a screen, we are seeing a push towards voice commands. What do users want to do with their voices? Playing music is at the top of the list of smart speaker activities. A report by NPR and … Read More

To yours truly, a message from Volareo: Indiegogo launch

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Hey you, Yes, you. It’s been a long journey. For most of it, it’s been a roller coaster. When you’re a startup and want to solve a big problem the thing that you need the most is a lot of support. You guys have been amazing from the start. For that, we can only say thank you. This company wouldn’t have been so successful without you.  Today we’ll be hitting our first milestone. Finally, all our work has led to the … Read More

Paul Hanford on post-internet culture, London’s trends and the need of independency

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Only 2 days left until we launch the Indiegogo campaign for the world’s first open source, decentralized smart speaker! It has been amazing to see the excitement for Volareo.   You’re a big advocate of independent music and underground/ sub-genres being heard. Where do you see the state of things in this post-internet culture? We live in a paradox. On one hand, the tools for creative production are in abundance – with decent music production software available (much of the … Read More

Volareo & Choon partnership to disrupt the music industry with blockchain based solutions

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE AUGUST 13, 2018 ROTTERDAM, LOS ANGELES Rotterdam based Volareo, the World’s first open source smart speaker is announcing yet another partnership with next generation music streaming platform Choon, based on Ethereum blockchain technology. Decentralized music infrastructure Both companies were established by experts from within the music and tech industries: Gareth Emery and Bjorn Niclas, two co-founders of Choon and Nick Yap, founder of Volareo are committed to introducing an important change in the music industry and are … Read More

Collaboration nation

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Only 5 days left until we launch the Indiegogo campaign for the world’s first open source, decentralized smart speaker! It has been amazing to see the excitement for Volareo. According to a new Citigroup report, recording artists received just 12% of the $43 billion that the music industry generated in 2017. Bjorn Niclas of blockchain streaming service Choon said that artists get the ‘smallest piece of the pie even though they are the ones creating the content’ and that in … Read More