New Income Streams

Let fans show you real appreciation. Don’t be stuck on income received from plays but also get tips. Find out where your true fans live by seeing the locations of fans that are willing to give you that extra tip.

Take Back Your Fans

Don’t let old school businesses control your stream of fans. Take control of them through the decentralisation of blockchain. Don’t let big corporates decide when you can message your fans. 

Profit from the blockchain revolution

Join the movement while there are still plenty of opportunities. Follow big artist that made a name during the previous industry revolution (CD, MP3 & Streaming).
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I have been in the industry for three decades. Featuring on hits like "Pump up the Jam" and "Big Fun". Throughout my years I continuously ran into the same problems. Stream payments are incredibly low, artist don’t know where their money is and musicians don’t control their fans.

Labels did nothing to solve these issues, they even made them worse. That’s why, in coorporation with Volareo we founded BLCKCHN records. The label of the future. Volareo is helping us get this beautiful technology to the mainstream. Over 250 artists have already shown interest in our services - together with Volareo we select the best ones. 

DJ D.O.N.S - Volareo Chief of Music

Let us show you how to make the most of blockchain. Join our ever growing community of musicians today.

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